Shawn Wright - Partner - ReSolutions LLCI have been working as a graphic designer since graduating from Auburn University in 1985. I have worked for large companies in the software and medical industries and as an account executive for a graphic design firm. I first started working as a freelancer about 1990 and have most recently been owner and partner in the sustainability consulting firm Resolutions LLC, and before that a partner in the firm Atticus Communications LLC.

Small and emerging companies are increasingly in need of marketing and advertising services so I have started the marketing communications firm, MarketCloud. I developed this site as a place for my own personal portfolio. I still don’t know if I want to call it which is my social media name or*. I have both url’s so I am covered either way.

Thanks for visiting,

Shawn Wright

* And about the title “Shawn Wright Overnight.” It is a running gag I have had with clients and friends over the years. Good creative takes time but everyone wants it overnight.